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703 Camino de la Familia #3105, Santa Fe, NM 87501 Map
Hours: 6-9 Mon-Sun     Phone: 505.983.7909
Contact: info@buddhafitnessclub.com

Total Fitness for Santa Fe

Welcome to the Buddha Fitness Club, Santa Fe's new designer gym located at the LOFTS ARTYARD at the Railyard in downtown Santa Fe.

Total fitness is beauty on the inside as well as beauty on the outside.

“Give your Buddha Belly a Six Pack” is our idea of having MENTAL CLARITY and a KILLER BODY. The best of two worlds. This is a place to workout and relax in an attractive, enjoyable atmosphere. We're offering fitness training using state-of-the-art equipment and weights for the body while applying the instruction of our training philosophies. Our classes, including yoga and fitness fusion, are sure to lift both mind and body.

We want to help you become your optimal blueprint.

A Healthy mind equals a healthy body and vise versa. We believe that mindful exercise is key to attaining the type of body you desire:
  • Allowing the negative thoughts to leave and introducing healthy aspects to all facets of ones life.
  • Recognizing patterns in every day life that one may be stuck in and offering a fresh and renewed outlook.

Life happens every day and often there are obstacles or draining events. Buddha Fitness studios was created as a place not only to get a healthy body but also to regenerate.

In a uniquely elegant setting, we offer high quality fitness.

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Fitness is Freedom

Buddha Fit believes that Fitness is Freedom. Through our physical and mindful exercise classes, whole body programs and nutritional guidance you will be able to reach optimal health. The gym is situated in an uniquely elegant setting providing state of the art Matrix Equipment. In this type of a gym setting the pressure is off and the ambiance is on. We want you to feel good while working out in an extraordinary space. The result is something that Santa Fe currently does not offer, a high end facility with privatized needs. With a nod to the environment Buddha Fit is the only fitness facility in the southwest offering a Platinum LEED building! Classes include Fitness Fusion a combo of spinning bikes TRX bands and a yoga cool down, Yoga, Urban Training, Weekend Warrior and more to come!

Douglass Lawder, Founder

Douglass is the owner of Body and Mind Fitness Studios and Buddha Fitness Club -- two celebrated Fitness facilities known for their privatized one on one atmosphere and Individualized programs. Douglass started out in the fitness industry 20 years ago, earning a degree at ACE, ACSM, and Coopers institute for aerobic research. From there he built his career as a Personal trainer and life coach, attaining certification in Sports nutrition, Yoga, TRX, and Spinning. Douglass now owns and operates Santa Fe's only private one on one personal training studio and gym. Having a holistic approach to wellness while incorporating discipline for the body is the philosophy behind Lawder's method. Douglass acknowledges that every BODY is different and he prescribes his individualized fitness routines accordingly.

Tara Lyons, Co-Owner

Of Buddha Fitness Club resides in the scene of modeling, acting and the arts. Growing up in a world of ballet and moving on to immerse herself in the Cultural phenomenon of New York modeling. Not being able to meet height requirements she moved back to her home town of Santa Fe and became an avid Yogini. "In the strange world of modeling and acting you need something to help you stay grounded. For me that is yoga." Earning certification in yoga and following a passion to stay healthy mentally, physically and spiritually she teamed up with fiancé Lawder to provide Santa Fe with a beautifully modern and hip gym.

How We Came to Be

The Company was built in 2003 under the name Body and Mind Fitness Studios, with the philosophy of integrating your mind during the physical workout. In 2010 the Company wanted to appeal to a larger audience and expand on this concept. From this the idea of BUDDHA FITNESS was born -- a high Quality Gym in a uniquely elegant setting. “Give your Buddha Belly a Six Pack” is our idea of having mental clarity and a killer body. The best of two worlds. Beauty on the inside, Beauty on the outside. This is a place for one to come and relax in an attractive atmosphere making it more enjoyable to workout. Offering mindful classes like yoga and sweat inducing machines and weights for the body while applying the instruction of our training philosophies.


Downtown Santa Fe's New Gym

The purpose of Buddha Fitness Club is to support each individual in his or her pursuit of health and to help our clients to attain their goals through the integration of mindful exercise and physical training. Buddha features the latest innovation in fitness clubs, using state of the art equipment in a wonderful setting. We are the only gym in the southwest existing in a Platinum Leed Building!


Single One time membership initiation fee: $250.00

Monthly dues: $80.00

Couple One time membership fee $350.00

Monthly Dues $75.00 per person *we also provide discounted rates for family and corporate membership

Fitness Programs Personal Training: An hour session one on one with a Trainer $75.00

Personal Training: Half hour session one on one with a Trainer $50.00

Personal Training Semi Private: an hour Training session with a small group: $35.00

Private Yoga: One on one with the instructor $60.00

Semi Private yoga: A group of no more than three people $25.00

Cardio fusion: Which includes Spinning bikes, Yoga and TRX bands $25.00

Urban Training: Enjoying the outside environment for your training session ** and more to come**

At Buddha Fit we are dedicated to providing individuals with the highest quality of service in Santa Fe extending far beyond any other fitness facilities. Our commitment is to design a space for our clients to come and exercise without pressure. Through means of freedom and ease.

Located at the Artyard, the Railyard LOFTS 703 Camino de la Familia 3105 (505) 983 7909.

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